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Steve Hott is a Singer / Songwriter and also plays Rhythm guitar.  Steve has also played the drums and percussion for many years.  He has been a professional musician since the age of 16, releasing his record, “Here for You” in 2012.  His two hits are:  “Here for You” and “Cold and Broken” which can be found on iTunes.
A talented singer and songwriter, Steve also plays the drums and guitar.  He has written songs for a number of well known artist and has opened for well known bands such as GodSmack.
Steve has recently signed a solo artist development deal with 5 time Grammy Award winning Producer / Mixer / Engineer, Chris Lord-Alge. Chris is known for mixing many multi platinum artists including :  U2, Green Day, Bon Jovi, Daughtry, Dave Mathews Band, Faith Hill, My Chemical romance and many more.
Steve is a fresh new talented singer songwriter who has complete his first C.D. along with Juno Award Winning Producer Brian Howes from Vancouver B.C. Canada and Julian Raymond from Los Angeles, Ca.   Julian is known for producing many multi platinum selling artists in many genres and styles of music.   Some of the Artists are : Fastball, CheapTrick and Insane Clown posse.  He has also spent many years with Hollywood records in the A.R. department and now currently with Warner Bros.  Brian Howes has recently Produced many international multi Platinum Artists including the current albums for :   Nickelback, Daughtry, Seether, Hinder and Canada’s own Hedley.Steve’s lyrics hit home in so many different ways and his audience can relate personally once they hear how he combines his own life experiences and emotion into each song.  Steve’s first single ” Here For You ” can be heard on Many radio stations across the States including his current home town in Honolulu, Hawaii on ” Star 101.9 ” And on the inflight entertainment for Hawaiian Airlines.  There are also numerous radio stations around the globe playing his 2nd single ” Cold And Broken ” 2 in Russia, 3 in Germany, 2 in Japan and 2 South African radio stations plus 7 internet stations are playing
three other songs off of his upcoming C.D. ( Down, Where I Wanna Be, One More Time. )  The last two songs to complete the C.D. are currently being recorded and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge.  Mastering is being done in New York City by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.
This will round off the current songs nicely with a harder edge, more up tempo harder rock feel !Steve is now currently Lead Vocalist and touring Singer for Legendary Guitarist ” Michael Angelo Batio ” !
His vocals fit in well with Michael’s current Production and touring show ” Hands Without Shadows ” ” A Tribute To Rock Guitars “
Steve has been known as one of the few Lead Singers that can effortlessly pull off the vocals of the higher range singers like :
Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Steve Perry of Journey and the harder, heavier vocalists of Pantera, Aerosmith and Metallica.
He is an energetic performer that includes the audience as if they were part of the band.
You not only get to hear Amazing vocals but get entertained as well as feeling a personal connection after each show.Connect with Steve ( Where he is currently #1 on the Rock charts for Hawaii )


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